Plastic Dinnerware Project Using Polka Dots

Here is an extremely fun polka dot plastic dinnerware project.

Create one or two pieces to give filled with goodies to a friend or neighbor. Or, create an entire set for your next dinner party.

For this project, you will need:

– Four or more white ceramic dinner plates

– Soap and water

– Paper towels

– Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Bahama Sea

– Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Leather Brown

– Cardstock

– Several different sized round objects (quarters, dimes, etc.)

– Pencil

– Craft knife

– Self healing mat

– Masking tape

– Newspaper

Begin by first washing each plate well with soap and water. Dry the plates completely using paper towels. Cover the area in which you will be painting your teal and brown polka dot plastic dinnerware with a thick coat of newspaper. (This will make the cleanup process much easier, as well as protect your area.)

Turn each of the plates upside down. Spray the bottoms of the plates with two to three layers of Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Leather Brown. Allow the plates to dry overnight.

Place the plate face up on your workspace. Spray the front of each plate with two to three layers of Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Bahama Sea. Once again, dry overnight.

Tape together two or more sheets of cardstock, creating one large sheet that will fit over the area of the front of the plate. With a pencil, trace around the circle shaped objects in many places all over the cardstock. (This should mimic a “polka dot” effect with many different sized dots.)

Place the cardstock onto the self healing mat. Cut out the circles, revealing a template with several different holes. (It will sort of look like Swiss cheese.) Adhere the template to the front of the plate with a bit of masking tape. (This should cover the entire place, leaving only the circle areas exposed.)

Spray the front of each plate with Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Leather Brown. Wait twenty-four hours before removing the template, exposing your new polka dot plastic dinnerware. After completion, this creation is hand wash only and not microwave safe. So, make sure never to use it in a microwave oven. Also, tell your family members not to use such plastic dinnerware in a microwave oven.

TIP: For a great gift giving treat, fill the plate up with your favorite baked goods. Wrap in teal colored cellophane and tie closed with a brown satin ribbon.

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